Thirtyone years

Thirtyone years has passed since he stood there, and now when I'm standing there I can't help but evaluate life.

Why did Lily and James have to die? Why did Snape's life turn out so unfair? If the world is so wonderful, why do things like this happen?

I admire Harry and all other OtP and DA members so much for keep fighting despite all misfortunes. And I admire Snape too for keep living even though his life sucked.

Honestly, if they hadn't thought me to fight I would give up. I would. I mean, can you see his pain in the upper picture? Being able to feel like that is why I hate life. 

But it is also the reason why I love it. 

Every time I'm sad I think about that. That they kept fighting. 

Thanks for teaching me that, at least you didn't die in vain. I think I'm talking for all potterheads when saying that we will keep fighting because of you. Rest in peace ♥